PPSO Training and Certification

The Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO) certification course is the industry’s new premier program for commercial swimming pool operators, managers, service company professionals, health officials and facility owners.

The PPSO Certification Course is the only commercial aquatics program produced by an industry organization recognized by the American National Standards Institute to develop and promote national standards for pools, hot tubs and spas. The course complies with the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code and training requirements of the Model of Aquatic Health Code (MAHC).

The PPSO Certification Course includes numerous graphics, videos and hands-on activities to reinforce key lessons and meet the two-day course requirements set by health departments. Lesson plans concentrate on the fundamentals, with ample demonstrations for safe and proper techniques. The course zeroes in on the core skills needed for safe and efficient pool and spa operations, and is designed to meet the learning styles of non-technical as well as technical students so they have the solid foundation needed to be successful pool operators and meet health and safety standards at facilities nationwide.

Our course includes the Professional Pool and Spa Operator manual and certification exam. Certification is valid for 5 years.